About 3AIA


At 3A Industrial Automation, we are striving towards a single goal to improve our customer’s productivity with the best industrial automation solutions, reliability and services.

Our Commitment to Quality

At 3A Industrial Automation, we believe that success in a highly competitive market depends on continuous support of products supplied that meet the needs of our customers in India markets. Our goal is to design and manufacture products that are simple to install, easy to use and that gives you the flexibility to choose your level of investment to increase your production.


3AIA is pledged to work hand in hand with industries & Machinery Manufacturers by translating their concepts through integrated automation of various systems & custom made machines to achieve precision control. This enables continuous process machines new or old to function at their full potential, increase productivity with quality, avoid expensive re-runs, saving energy and operating costs.

3AIA offer a facility for erection, commissioning, personnel training on operation & maintenance of system and any other subsequent assistance.